Hi! I'm...


Marketing Technologist Extraordinaire.

Nice to meet you!


I once dreamed of being Batman, but being a few billion dollars short and a keg for abs, I decided my next best option was marketing instead. Been at it for a decade since, feel free to read my resume for all the official stuff.


I met my cat-woman, Alexandra, in 2013 and our side-kick, Ace, joined in 2019. We love to travel, try new foods, and read our favorite books on those dreary, rainy Seattle days.

Words alone can hardly encapsulate the true essence of an individual. Luckily, you can learn more about the quirky and fun person behind the resume with this little video I put together from our family trip to the UK.

My Expertise

I have 10 years of professional experience with marketing technology

project management.png

Managed the entire life-cycle of major projects. My most recent completed project is entitled the "Eye Bank Experience" with the participation of over 30 staff members. Learn more here!

data analysis.png

I served as the marketing department's data analyst and Salesforce power user. I would analyze the efficacy of our campaigns and recommend ways to better invest our time and money for the best ROI. See a sample of my work here!


Filmed many videos for SightLife and CorneaGen. I am highly proficient in using Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, and After Effects to create my videos. Learn more here!


Half a decade of experience crafting the most attractive emails, landing pages, and forms using the 'Act-On' marketing automation platform. Check out some of my sample works here.


I managed 4 different website platforms: Orchid, WordPress, Kentico, and Squarespace at SightLife and CorneaGen. In addition, I am very proficient with HTML and CSS which helps with emails and landing pages.


I have over a decade of semi-professional photography experience. I am highly proficient in using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to make my photos pop! Check out my photo gallery!



Princess of Russia

While Bruce is but a lowly serf, he has proven himself over-the-years to be a worthy subject to the royal family. I would highly recommend him to your service.



CFO (Chief Furry Officer)

Human is good. Walk me twice a day. Gives treats! Five paws out of five. Good investment. Woof!


Emperor of China

The peasant known as Bruce is a very hard worker and is highly recommended by my imperial self.

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