My Videos

I have developed a very systematic way to record my videos. On the day of the shoot, we first connect with our speaker to make sure they are ready. I will then take our department cart and wheel all equipment to the shoot location to setup. I will then setup the following equipments: power lines, tripod, teleprompter, lighting, camera, monitor, and microphone. We will do 3 takes on average so I have more footage to work with in editing. Take a look at some of my works over the years below.


One of the last video I filmed before COVID hit in 2020. Shot with Sony A7iii and 50mm lens in Log3 profile. Got a key light on the right and a supporting color light shooting up in the background. One of my best video from a technical perspective.


Many participating staff. Had to add a section in the middle which was shot later in 2020. Had to manually type out the phone call transcript. A lot of B-Reel shot in 2020. End product turn out well.


Live surgical demo in Chicago by Dr. Julie Shallhorn at the 2019 ASCRS conference. Conference hall is noise but I was able to dampen down the background noise with Adobe Audition.


Message from SightLife CEO, Claire Bonilla, for a LifeNet Health event she cannot attend. Shot in 2019 with Sony A7iii and 50mm lens in Log3 profile. Audio on lavaliere mic. I shoot in this location a lot so I can easily get the lighting correct. Video turned out great even though she was very sick with the flu.


Webinar presented by Dr. Adam Sise on his experience on how to go about doing the DMEK procedure.


One of my early video projects in 2017. One thing I did not have at the time was a teleprompter so Monty, our CEO, was reading off-camera which looked a bit weird. The video was also not shot with a wider dynamic range video profile like Log3, which made the final video a bit over-saturated.

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