My Other Skills

Project Management

In 2019, I served as the project manager for creating surgeon educational videos for 9 operational departments at CorneaGen. The project kicked off in early 2019 and ended in early 2020. Nearly 800 man-hours and 30+ staff participated in this monumental project and we have successfully created over one-hour of high-quality content.




I am in charge of editing our organization’s many different website platforms - Orchid, Kentico, WordPress, and Squarespace. I’m also very proficient in HTML and CSS, which helps with editing our emails and landing pages.

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The Eye Bank Experience is a program ran by CorneaGen's Director of Business Development, Christina Psalms. It started in 2012 and seeks to bring corneal fellows from around the US to our HQ in Seattle.

In 2018, Christina approached me to see if I can help her do a thorough analysis of the program. My analysis shown that fellows overwhelmingly become customers after they begin practice and the average ROI per fellow is 1800%. I recommended that her program get more funding to have more fellows go through the program. The report ultimately made it to our CEO and board of directors. For the year 2020, the Eye Bank Experience got 3x the previous year's budget.  

Data Analysis



I can create some simple animations using Adobe After Effects. Samples below.

Other Software

I am experienced with SalesForce, Google Analyics, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Tableau, Qualtrics, Microsoft Office Suite, and OBS Studio (Live Streaming). I even have moderate understanding of programming languages like Java and C++.

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