Email Automation

Email Samples

It is my job to put emails that were designed by our designers into the platform. The biggest challenge here is to make sure all of the columns and paddings are correct. Good mastery over HTML in this phase is critically important. In addition, making sure everything is mobile optimized since half our surgeons view emails on mobile.

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Landing Page Samples

Landing pages are sometimes necessary for events or webinars where we need users to provide their information. The challenge here is to make sure to convert as many people as possible. I first make sure the page looks great on both desktop and mobile. The other thing is to ensure users are not put-off by the form. In most cases, we just require a small amount of information and capture location data via IP address. 

After the deployment of each campaign, I will compile a report on how it went and where we can make improvements. Over the years, we have really dialed in on exactly what keeps them interested.

Reporting Example

Review Process Example

We use a marketing project management tool called 'slope'. We use slope to create tasks, review assets, and receive approvals. This tool ensures we are all on track and minimizes mistakes.

Automation is where campaigns truly come alive. I can use automation to deploy campaigns, segment contacts, do A/B testing...etc.

Automation Example

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