Recent Projects

Mission in Motion Fundraising Campaign

In honor of Eye Donation Month, SightLife and our partners ZEISS and Ophthalmic World Leaders (OWL) launches Mission in Motion Three-Day Challenge (November 13-15) to raise awareness and support for the 12.7 million men, women, and children worldwide who suffer needlessly from corneal blindness.

Our initial fundraising goal is $40,000 ($20,000 from donor and $20,000 match from Zeiss and Robert LeRoy). We have already surpassed our original goal so we decided to increase it to $50,000.

I am responsible for the adminstration of the fundraising platform (, design of the campaign, coding of the landing page, deployment of emails, and creating any related videos.

You can check out the campaign page here.

Eye Donation Month Animation

This Eye Donation Month, we are celebrating our “Community of Compassion,” which is comprised of all who are driven by a collective passion to restore sight.

This animation is created entirely in After Effects, which allowed me to create some really cool effects.

This special event also commemorates Eye Donation Month, held every November to raise awareness about the life-changing impact of cornea donation and transplantation. It honors the remarkable individuals who selflessly donated the gift of sight and the recipients whose lives have been transformed by their cornea donor’s generosity.

I am the event technical director - responsible for setting up and controlling all of the visual and technical aspects of the livestream. In addition, I made the registration landing page and sent out all of the emails for this event.

We had Rebecca Grossman, our Sr. Manager of Family and Community Resources, along with Nicole Brodeur, longtime Seattle Times columnist and tissue donation champion, host the event. The event featured a message from the CEO, videos of a recipient in the US and India, and a memorial slideshow of donors pictures sent in by families.

The event had 374 registrants and around 247 attended the live event.

Community of Compassion Livestream

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